Crochet Tutorials

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Crochet Tutorials

Learn how to crochet with my easy to follow crochet tutorials at Kerri’s Crochet. I provide crochet guides for crocheters of all levels, from beginners to advanced. There are a variety of unique creations that can be used as gifts, around the house or to decorate other items. Have a look through these categories and find the right pattern for you.

Start off with my beginner crochet tutorials. These videos will help you get started and learn to make some basic items. In these tutorials I guide you through step by step to help you improve and create nice handmade items.

Here are my crochet animal tutorials. I’ve got all kinds of animals from cats and dogs to a llama and a whale, and everything in between. I mostly make appliques, but there have also been other items such as bags, potholders and towels that also feature animals.

I’ve made some videos as part of ongoing crochet series tutorials. These include a cat towel, train towel, frog basket and a flower cushion.

Here’s some miscellaneous crochet tutorials which include teddy bears, unicorns and a gingerbread couple.

For the next group of videos I’ve made home decor crochet tutorials for items such as potholders, baskets and cushions.

Learn how to make these crochet accessories, such as bags using my video tutorials.

Follow these plant crochet tutorials and learn how to make multiple types of flowers and lilies.

View these unique vehicle crochet tutorials and learn how to make ships, cars and trains.

I hope that these crochet tutorials are of use to you.

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