About Me

Hello, I’m Kerri. I live in Queensland, Australia and I was taught to crochet by my Grandmother when I was a child. I also enjoy cake decorating, knitting, applique, quilting and gardening. I have won awards for my crocheting in the past and have continued to crochet throughout my life.

Recently I have been doing most of my crochet work for family and friends but the lovely, talented ladies at the Landsborough craft market sell some of my work on a Saturday morning. In the past I’ve mostly used fine cotton to crochet and have made tablecloths, doilies and crocheted around hankies.

I started my blog and YouTube channel in July 2017 and I’ve tried to bring some of my knowledge to others. I get some help from my son for the technical stuff and I’ve been lucky enough to win some awards for the blog.

Australian Crochet Blogs

Thank you for dropping by and supporting me. If you have any questions feel free to ask, there is a contact form. I also have social media accounts which are listed below.