I’m happy to finally be able to show you my sea-themed beach towel I’ve been working on for a few months. It’s the 1st crocheted item I’ve made for myself since I was 16.
Twice a week I visit the local pool with a friend to exercise so will use it there.
Finished crochet sea towel portrait
I love the sea and spent hours snorkelling around the reefs in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea when I was younger so have added all my favourite sea creatures.
All the appliqués were machine stitched to the towel using the colours of the appliqué for the top thread and the colour of the towel in the bobbin.
The dolphins and turtles were placed near the top of the towel because I’d see them while I was on a boat not when snorkelling around the reef. As I needed the dolphins to be bigger I used 1 strand of Scheepjes Catona cotton for the small one and two strands for the large one.
Crochet sea towel dolphins
Crochet sea towel dolphin
I added 3 turtles made out of Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat swimming together even though turtles always seemed to be alone.
Crochet sea towel sea turtles
The tropical fish pattern was used for the 5 blue and black fish which were also worked in Maxi Sweet Treat.
Crochet sea towel tropical fish
I made one plain octopus and one blue-ringed octopus with Maxi Sweet Treat and placed them on the towel apart.
Crochet sea towel plain octopus
Crochet sea towel blue ring octopus
The goldfish pattern was used to make the three orange fish in Catona cotton and the red and black fish in the Maxi Sweet Treat.
Crochet sea towel goldfish
Crochet sea towel goldfish black red
I made six yellow, black and white angelfish using Maxi Sweet Treat and placed them in two groups of three and also used the angelfish pattern for three black and white fish but turned them for the neatening row to face the opposite direction. To make them bigger I used Catona cotton.
Crochet sea towel angelfish
Crochet sea towel white angelfish
Seaweed and coral were made in various colours and in both Maxi Sweet Treat and Catona cottons and some were turned before the neatening row to face in the opposite direction. I placed them in the lower part of the towel.
Crochet sea towel seaweed
Crochet sea towel red coral
Three clownfish were made using Maxi Sweet Treat and placed among the coral and seaweed. Clownfish are my favourite, I loved watching them long before Nemo was released.
Crochet sea towel clown fishes
Crochet sea towel clown fish
I loved looking for shells on the reef and saw such a variety, especially while night diving. I’ve added a common tiger cowrie and a rare golden cowrie because I’ve been lucky enough to see one.
Crochet sea towel tiger cowrie
Crochet sea towel golden cowrie
There were plenty of starfish sitting among the coral and seaweed so I’ve added two.
Crochet sea towel starfish
Three seahorses in different colours have been placed separately, they were made using maxi Sweet Treat. I love seahorses but I’ve only seen 2 so I’m not sure if they are shy or if it wasn’t the right conditions.
Crochet sea towel purple seahorse
Crochet sea towel white seahorse
I also saw plenty of sharks but didn’t add any to the towel as I didn’t stay around long enough to enjoy them.
All the appliqués I’ve used are from patterns I’ve released in the past and are available on my website and YouTube channel.
Finished crochet sea towel portrait 1